The 7 Most Iconic Playstation Game Characters

Game Characters

The gaming industry has developed a lot in the past two decades. Since then, there have been many games which became gamer’s favourite, and most of these games attracted the gamers because of the characters and the storyline. When PlayStation became a bigger picture, many game brands introduced their game series, which had gamers’ favourite characters. Here we have listed down the top ten most iconic PlayStation games characters.


One of the most badass characters in gaming that every gamer known about is Kratos, from God of War. He is known for destroying gods after he was forced to slaughter his entire family. He has a list of gods that he has killed, including the god of gods, Zeus.


Lara Croft

The title of the most badass human after the most badass god goes to Lara Croft. She is a treasure hunter who has successfully raided the most dangerous tombs by herself. She is one of the first third-person action characters which has been a part of crazy adventures that everyone loved to play.

Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper was one of the first platforms to introduce stealth genre, and the character is a raccoon thief. He is an honourable thief who is an animal. That is more than enough to get anyone’s attention. The game was first launched for Playstation 2 and since then it has been one of the favourites for the gamers.

Sly Cooper


Devil May Cry is another great epic series which is said to be scrapped out of Resident Evil. Dante is one of the most iconic characters which fights the demons with the help of his own demons. Although the game is available in all desktops and all Xbox too, it has been the most popular with Playstation 2.

Chris Redfield

Chris and his partner Jill, from Resident Evil, have been one of the most iconic duos in Playstation One.  This horror series gained a lot of attention since its first launch in 1996 and has been through a lot of changes throughout the years. But even today, Chris and Jill always make one remember the good old Resident Evil games.

Chris Redfield

Nathan Drake

Nathan from the Uncharted series first introduced himself in 2007. Nathan Drake took time to grow into the favourites of the gamers with his witty charm. He has all the qualities of Indiana Jones, except that he is not him. The game has a cinematic storyline which has a total of 4 parts and the games can’t help but ask for more of Nathan.

Cloud Strife

When we are talking about Playstation games, how can we forget Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy series? For almost 20 years, Cloud has stayed with the gamers as they grew up with the series until the latest Final Fantasy VII.

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