7 PS4 Tricks that Only the Real Gamers Know

Real Gamers

Playstation 4 has been around for a long time which has given the gamers enough time to find out the hidden gems that it has. While some have always used PS4 for casual gaming, the die-hard gamers have found out a lot about PS4 since it came out. If you haven’t known these tricks about the console before, it is never too late. Learn these 10 tricks about your PS4 that only the real gamers know.

Remote Play for External Devices

You can access your PS4 on your mobile devices using Remote Play technology. All you need is a really good internet connection and the Remote Play app in your device. Once that is done, you can play PS4 on your phone, laptop, and similar devices.

Play SNES Games

Play SNES Games


You can get an emulator for PS4 can enjoy the classic SNES games on your latest console. It might not be the best idea, but it will definitely give you a nostalgic feeling. You can find a SNES emulator on the internet and enjoy Super Mario all over again.

Play Music While Playing

You can play music in PS4 without the need for any external devices. To do this, simply create a separate folder or use an external device through USB, and select the music library in the content area or the USB Musicplayer feature.

Zoom with Dualshock 4

You can zoom into a scene in the game to get a clearer picture of what is happening. You can find such features in the Accessibility section where you can change the font size and style, colours, contrasts, etc. You will also find the zooming option there which you can use to focus on a portion of the screen that you want to zoom.

Restore the License

Sometimes the gamers may face the problem where their game might become locked, which prevents the gamers from playing it further. Instead of believing that the game is dead, you can find out if it is a problem with licensing. Most of the time it is licensing, and you can fix it by the Restore License option, found in Account Management.

Give your PS4 a Name

PS4 a Name

PS4 does not have an AI as smart as the Google Assistant or Alexa but is can listen to you and follow your commands to a limit. To do this, you need to rename your PS4 in the Check System menu and name it as you like. With the Voice option, you can give commands to your PS4 when you say its name. The Default name is “Playstation”.

Direct Log-In

You can skip the user selection section and go straight to the login page. When you share your console with your siblings, it can be a long process of selecting your profile to log-in to your session. You can make it easier by going to Login settings and change it to automatically log you in when you start your PS4.


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