How to Dominate FPS Games on PS4

FPS Games on PS4

There is no hard-and-fast rule for getting better at any game on any device. The more you keep playing the game, the better you will get. But somehow, playing First Person Shooting(FPS) games are easier in PCs than in consoles. To get better at FPS games on consoles, you only need a few good habits and some tricks to improve the gameplay. Console gamers find it hard to accept that PC gamers can dominate them in FPS games. Which is why they had built their own ways to dominate this genre while sticking to their consoles. If you want to be a top fragger in PS4, here are how you can become better.

Check your sensitivity settings

sensitivity settings

This solves the problem of difficulty for many players. Most of the time, fixing the sensitivity makes the game easier to control. Each player has a different sense of sensitivity. Some like to make the least movements while moving while others like to go all the way to the edge. Lowering sensitivity makes handling the weapons a lot easier, but the character will turn really slow. Higher sensitivity will make the character turn faster, but handling weapon will become more difficult. Find a sweet balance between both so you can turn comfortably while aiming how you want.

Practice you aim

To know whether the sensitivity is working for you, you need to try out different levels in practice mode. It depends on what your gaming style is. If you are a stealth player, you will need less of running action mode. Otherwise, you will need high sensitivity to run and shoot at the same time. One good way to practice this is to try to aim at one spot and keep shooting it while trying running, crouching, jumping, and doing a 360. Your objective here is to develop your muscle memory so that moving in the game become easier for you.

Learn the timing

Not all FPS games are deathmatch that you can keep jumping around and shoot your opponents. You need to use strategy and timing to master your aim. Learn to pre-aim at your opponents during the game. Try to predict their movement and shoot where you think they will land when the bullet reaches them. Also, spraying around is not a very good strategy. Look out for the headshot than spraying all over their body. This will automatically double your skills to at least get the body in the most difficult situations. At first, headshots might seem like a poor idea as you will fail miserably, but soon you will get a hand of it and destroy your opponents.

In the end, it is just practice which will make you better in the games. Always remember that you are not the only one who wants to improve. Other gamers want to improve as much as you and you will face more difficult opponents as you grow. The key is to always improve with every game and get a faster reaction time than others until you are the dominator.

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