The 5 Best Boxing Games of All Time

Knockout Kings - Best Boxing Games of All Time

Have you recently reminisced about the good times with friends of partaking in the exciting action of boxing on your favorite video game console? On newer games, you can customise the best kickboxing gloves. So, possibly you would like to relive some of those times. If that’s the case, the following list should refresh your memory of some of the best boxing games of all time.

5. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out

You simply cannot have the best boxing games list of all time without including Mike Tyson’s Punch-out. Released in 1987 for the Nintendo

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!

Entertainment System, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out helped pave the way for all of the great boxing titles to come. Who could forget being Little Mac and navigating through a cast of characters on your journey to match up with the great Mike Tyson?

It was the classic David vs. Goliath tale, which saw the starring underdog mentored and trained by one Doc Lewis. All of the action was refereed by Super Mario who would summon enough enthusiasm to say “fight!” and “TKO” at the beginning and end of matches. Some memorable opponents included Great Tiger, Glass Joe, Super Macho Man, and Soda Popinski. This was an epic one-player sports/adventure game.

4. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing

Arriving in living rooms in 1999, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing was one of the best sports games ever made for the Dreamcast gaming console. It was also produced for PlayStation and Nintendo 64. This was a fun game to play for many reasons. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing had outrageous and off-the-wall characters to choose from. One of the things the game did best was give each of the characters their own unique traits and fighting styles.

The popular title sacrificed realism for sheer entertainment and replay value. This was the closest thing to an arcade gaming experience that a boxing game offered for the gaming consoles. What was vital to a fighter’s success was landing enough significant blows to spell the word RUMBLE. Once the word was spelled, you could use the character’s special combo move that would usually lead to a knockdown.

3. Knockout Kings 2002

Knockout Kings 2002 was of the more popular PlayStation games as well as Xbox games. EA Sports made it a top priority to improve the graphics and visual aspects of the game. While all of the fighters resembled their likeness in the game and looked great, unfortunately, the graphics of the crowd and the venues that held the matches were not as impressive.

Despite its shortcomings, this boxing game felt like a true pioneer of realistic video games for the boxing genre. From the wide array of moves to the slow-motion cut-scene replays that showed you pummeling your opponent and vividly dropping him, Knockout Kings 2002 was a classic option for marathon tournament sessions with friends.

4. Fight Night Round 2

Available for PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube, Fight Night Round 2 was released in 2005. Building up a head of steam from Fight Night 2004, EA Sports used the momentum to create a worthy challenger for the best boxing video game of all time. The game featured 36 fighters, including guys like Duran, Gotti, Pacquiao, Mayweather, Jones Jr., Tyson, and Holyfield. What contributed to making the game so awesome was the adding of the fantastic “Haymaker” punch.

If you were a headhunter, then this is something you utilized early and often. The creative boxer system they game had was more thorough than ever. You could change weight classes during career mode if you wished to do so. During this mode, you could also fight as long as you desired without being forced to retire. Fight Night Round 2 introduced “The Cut Man” for this title which allowed boxers to decrease the damage they’d taken over the course of the fight in between rounds.

1. Fight Night Champion

Released on PlayStation 3 & 4, Xbox 360, and iOS gaming consoles and platform in 2011, Fight Night Champion is still revered among boxing enthusiasts. This is the last boxing game EA Sports has released since it began centering its efforts on the UFC’s rise to prominence. This game swung for the fences with tweaks and adjustments to the gameplay controls and an inspiring story mode to boot.

Fight Night Champion is easily the most realistic boxing simulation you can play on any gaming console. You can see every scrape, bruise, cut, and gash essentially as punches and blows are landed. The blood and damage presented here are likely as good as it could ever get. There are over 50 fighters on the roster and you can play in the career mode, story mode, or just step in the ring for a quick fight.

Fight Night Champion

The story mode was an excellent idea and is interesting and exhilarating. You get to live the experiences of fictional boxer Andre Bishop. It feels like you’re in an all-time classic boxing movie as you go through highs, lows, trials, and tribulations. With all of these qualities and features, as well as all of the great commentary that Fight Night games are known for, this makes Fight Night Champion arguably the best boxing game of all time.

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