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A new console generation

Xbox Series X

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PS 5

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players on Xbox One and PS4 can party up now

Have a friend who chose Xbox over your favourite PS4? Not problems anymore as now you can connect with your friends on both PS and Xbox platforms while playing from different devices.

The Evolution Of Gaming, From The Console To The Cloud

Have a friend who chose Xbox over your favourite PS4? Not problems anymore as now you can connect with your friends on both PS and Xbox platforms while playing from different devices.


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Cross-party play with friends on Xbox One

  • Keyboard-and-mouse setups
  • Console’s games library
  • A single party across the platforms

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The Best Xbox One Games

Finding the best Xbox games require you to have the right understanding of the game itself as for the most part it is important that one should select the game for Xbox on the basis of storytelling, action, multiplayer, gunplay and others which will allow you to use your consoles to the fullest. If you are busy figuring that for yourself, we can make it easier for you.

Devil May Cry 5

This is a CapCom which has built one of the best Ninja Theory’s brilliant DMC. The full picture of the game is aesthetically pleasing. It has the finger blistering history with heavy combo action. You can find for your side of the tale as it also has some of the distinct features of fantastical weapons. This is one game which gets better with time and will allow you to experience the best gaming experience with the console.

Devil May Cry 5

Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

Wolfenstein is one of the most unique and the most brutal game that you will come across as it has some of the most intelligent shooters who are looking to find the right game without having to lose the war. This is a game which is set in an alternate 60s universe where you need to be smart and sensitive. There are a lot of failures and social horrors which one might have to deal with where they face robots.

Fifa 19

Fifa 19 is the improved version of the last Fifa and is one of the best games to play on an Xbox. It is one game which allows you to improve and get better with each game. You need to make sure that you are bringing in the right champions, which will enable you to have some of the best times in competition. There is a subtle yet effective difference which will allow you to find the right on-pitch improvements with reduced speed. You can also find a career mode which will make it feel like you need to build your career from scratch.

Ori and the Blind forest

Ori and the Blind forest

This is a game which has come out of a storybook. It has some of the lavish effects and is a platform for those who are trying to go old school. This is a 2D game but still an effective way to start your gaming journey(Watch Now) with the right fun and entertainment.

Halo 5: Guardians

Halo’s is a game which has a balance of campaigns with multi-players and can seem unbalanced at times. This is a story of Locke chasing chief who is not in the right time. This is one game which allows one to fight for the victory over the warmongers. There are many mega battles and also allows you t to collect cards for a better measure.

PS4 vs Xbox One: which gaming console is better?

We live a generation where gaming consoles are can inspire loyalty from their respective camps. This is one of the best ways to enjoy all you games all in one place. Finding the right gaming console is very difficult as the choices that Sony and Microsoft offer is equally good. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best features of the two.

Price Comparision

The prices for both the gaming consoles seem to differ by the week, and with the latest price drops, one can easily get the consoles for way cheaper than they actually are. You can easily get the newest models of consoles with a whole package deal. The Xbox One is one of the most powerful consoles that is available in few discounted options. Look into the entire feel of both, which will allow you to find the best.



The hardware and design

Xbox One and PS4 have many different versions which can work now for you. The PS4 generally is different hardware than the other. The Xbox One has improved design from the original one, which has a gigantic brick which makes use of the internal power supply. It has a measurement of 11.6*8.9*2.5 inches which is better than the previous versions which were launched. If you are looking for a more streamlined approach, one of the best is to bring the ITB disc-less console which is different than it performs but lacks a disc drive.

PS4 Pro was the original 4K console which was the best with 12.8*11.6*2.1 inches. There are many less support native 4K gaming with a 4K Blu Ray Player which on omission has some of the best flak for Sony.


Depending on your set up the connectivity of your console can be important as both of the consoles have identical ports it is important that you get the right input of the cable or satellite box. They have USB 3 ports, IR outputs, Optical audio, ethernet ports and other power cables which is known to be compatible with other versions of the Xbox.

PS4 has slim yet similar features with Single HDMI out and a single USB port in the back and the front an ethernet and other power. The only difference is that the pro has slim optical audio out. It is compelling things with excellent connectivity which are the best in both the versions. All versions of both consoles support ac WiFi and Gigabyte ethernet allowing you to work on your network compatibility.

PS4 and Xbox do not have any remarkable changes, but there are many factors that play into the parts of the gaming from muted colours to the right pair which fits in hand well. It is up to you to predict the ones that fit you well.